The Learning Made Fun Kit

Didactic Language Materials for teachers. Ideal for first introduction to language: Spanish/English

Everything comes directly to you

  • LMF is ready to use out of the box, interactive, flexible and can be customized to teach in any order.
  • Instructors will save time with lesson preparation just “Grab and Go.”
  • Provides a fun and effective class experience that will keep your students excited to learn at all levels.
  • Our total immersion approach to language learning “One Stop Shop” is what separates us from other language learning programs.

LMF Suggested Areas Of Application

  • Dual Immersion Programs
  • Integrated Language to Any School Curriculum
  • After School and Extended Day Enrichment programs
  • Summer Camp Language Activities
  • Homeschooling Language Curriculum
  • Startup Business opportunities
  • Introduction to English/Spanish Language Teaching

LMF Kit materials for success:

  • 60 Theme Posters 18X12 *All images included on the poster, match the Flash and Memory cards –
  • 60 Pouches (Each pouch set up with the individual theme) 562 Flash Cards 5X7
  • 557 Vocabulary Tags 5X11/2
  • 1,118 Memory Game Cards 3X4
  • 6 Reference User Guide Cards 5X7
  • 3 Workbook Book 1,2,3)

Please note: Each kit consists of one complete workbook sample for the 60 themes. It is important to have copies of each lesson for each student on hand.

Our Mission

The Learning Made Fun Kit (LMF) is designed to provide instructors with practical materials giving students the opportunity to learn a second language through playful activities with an immersive hands-on experience that will keep students of all ages excited to learn.

Meet the CEO/Founder of Learning Made Fun

Meet Blanca Lawton the Founder/CEO of Learning Made Fun. The Learning Made Fun Program is a dual language program that currently is offered in Spanish and English.

Born and raised in Mexico City Blanca M. Lawton became a USA Citizen in 1998. While overcoming the challenges to fluently speak English in her community and proudly adapting to the American culture, she realized that children should have the opportunity to learn another language.

Becoming a parent herself only reinforced the belief that different languages and cultures should be introduced at a young age. While wearing the different hats of single parenting, maintaining a work life balance and lesson preparation she soon realized the lack of Spanish teaching materials available for instructors.

Lesson planning is one of the most time-consuming activities and often has to happen after school hours, this was no different for Blanca while teaching Spanish at the California Montessori Project and tutoring privately in the Sacramento area.

The need of a children’s program to learn a second language became her motivation to create her own teaching materials and in 2004 The Spanish immersion Program was born.

Her lifelong childhood dream for children to learn a second language and make a difference inspired her to share her successful program with instructors globally. Several years later Blanca and collaborators from around the world developed an authentic innovated sustainable language learning curriculum called Learning Made Fun!

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